A camp for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 16. Kids enjoy all kinds of super fun activities like kayaking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, backpacking, horseback riding, biking, arts and crafts and so much more.

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Wayne County Trivia Quiz (for impressing your friends)

Wayne County, home to Navajo Trails

1.  How'd Wayne County get its name? 
A:  In honor of a delegate's son who was dragged to death by a horse.     
B.  After Wayne State University in hopes they would help fund the building of the elementary school.
C.  After Wayne Newton, Singer Songwritter
D.  After Wayne National Forrest in Ohio, the first settlers wanted to honor home.   

2: How much of Wayne County belongs to the Federal and State Government?
A:    A mere 13%
B:   almost half 47 %
C:   nearly three quarters 74 %
D:   almost all  97 % 

3:  How many people live in the county?
A:    2,400  The size of some high schools
B:    8,100   Same as the Blackberry Pearl Phone
C:    21,000  Same as how many people said they were attending a teens 16th b-day party on facebook
D.  120,000  Number of Ipad sales on the first day

4: What's the Elevation Range?
A:    3,000 Feet in capital Reef to 5,000 feet at Boulder Mountain
B:    100 feet at the lowest  to  10,000 feet at the highest
C:    8,400 feet  at the west end of the county to 4,200 feet at Hanksville.
D.    2,000 around the center to 11, 500 feet at the top of the mountains

5.   About the county seat, Loa,
A.   It is home to a former Miss Utah. 
B.   It has the second highest elevation of any county seat in Utah
C.   The Grocery Store is named,  Miss Loa's.
D.   It's home of the county pool and the swim team, "The Seals"

1.  A.  Wayne dragged to death from a horse, county named after him.
2.  D.  97 % of the county is state or federal land
3.  A  Only 2,400 people live in Wayne County
4.  C.  8,400 to 4,200 elevation (Navajo Trails sits at 7,125 nice and cool)
5.  B.  I wish it was Miss Loa's or the Seals, but alas it has the second highest elevation of any county seat in Utah at 7,000 feet.    Tell all of your friends.

5 Right your Super Wayne County Smart
3-4 Right  Your almost as Super Wayne County Smart
1-2  Retake Quiz to obtain Super Smart Status

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