A camp for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 16. Kids enjoy all kinds of super fun activities like kayaking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, backpacking, horseback riding, biking, arts and crafts and so much more.

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Rock Climbing Journal

June 30 2010,

We are on the ride back from Maple Canyon. It was fun watching people play Abulaba. People here climbing and me Trevor, thomas, Mistie and Amy had a fun van ride to the Sinclair. I completed every route I attempted even a 100 footer. Cya soon,
rock Climbing camper

This week has been very fun, and I am with a lot of fun people. We had a lot of fun times. We went to the pool and showered. The pool was so cool.
rock Climbing camper

This is my 4th time on this trip and I can't stop enjoying the trip. It's so fun and funny. I improved my climbing and did a 5.10 a which was super hard. I also get to do a few 5.9's, 5.8's and 5/7's. I'm glad I went with the people I went with. I had fun playing games. I forgot to tell you about Austin. Austin is our main lead climber. He was pretty cool. This is the last week of camp for my 3rd year and I hope to come back next year.
rock climbing camper.

I have been on the trip once before but last time I only climbed twice well three times and I didn't make it up once, but this time I completed 9 climbs. It was way fun!
2010 rock climbing camper

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Survival Trip Journal 2010

The survival trip has been very fun. We swam and saw petrogyphs. We are on time to do a solo. in the night we saw satelites and Venus in the sky. We told a lot of jokes. Jared Carried 2 packs and was a pack mule. It was awesome.

Survival Trip camper

This trip is very fun. I love going in the water, it make me feel good. I love looking at the stars at nigh and the people are funny. I am looking forward to the solo's. It's not bad carry your pack for a while. It was AMAZING
survival Trip Camper

This trip is my last trip until I've done every trip at Navajo Tails!!! Woo woo. This Trip I've learned more than any other trip at Navajo Trails. I learned how to make a fire, make a broom, make cordage bracelet, and most in important how to survive with a wool blanket as a pack! I had fun.
Survival Trip Camper 2010

This was a new exciting experience for me. Although this scenery is not mundane, it is familiar to me. i have taken trips to parts of Utah that are very similar to this, but I usually don't camp when I visit this part of Utah. I have camped but never like this. I have learned a lot from this trip. I especially liked making ask cakes, every meal for Wednesday was salubrious and delicious. This was a great experience and will be hard to forget.
Survival Trip Camper 2010

Waterski Trip at Otter Creek. After breakfast on Monday we headed out to Otter Creek. We spend as much time possible on the ski boat waterskiing. It rained a little in the week, but it was awesome, we had a dance party in the van. We ate good food like Russian Chicken, French Toast and Scones.

We swam, played on the beach, and made bracelets!

On Friday we went into Capital Reef to hike to Hickman Bridge, see the petrogyphs and go swimming underneath the waterfalls.

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Video of first time up on Waterskis!

Survival Trip

The Survival Trip spent the day getting ready for our trip.

Long Time Trip Leaders Jon and Anne Smith (who were counselor when Dan went to camp) taught everyone how to roll a survival pack and how to tie the right knots to make a pack out of a wool blanket. We practiced a few times until it was easy.

We learned how to sharpen our knives.

We all helped package our food by day per meal.

Then we learned out to make cortage (rope) out of milkweed and other fabrics.

We also learned how to carve our own spoons out of cottonwood.

Jon showed us out to make a bow drill fire.

Tonight we will make dinner and learn how to navigate using the stars.

We are really excited for our trip that begins on Boulder Mountain and ends in Capital Reef! We are going to hike along the stream the entire way so we will be cool and have plenty of water. We're excited to learn skills like how to build a trap, cook our own food, and to build shelters.

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Rock Climbing Journal

Climbing in Maple Canyon has been great! I haven't been rock climbing at all before this, but everyone says that I've been doing good. The other good thing is that I have learned to belay. I am soooo glad that I came on this trip, because now I think I have found my new sport after gymnastics! The harest I have climbed is a 5.9, but I'm gonna try to do a 5.10 before we leave.... even though I don't want to leave. This whole entire week has been wonderful and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!

2010 Rock Climbing Camper

Horse Journal

This week has been great!

It brings back all of the wonderful memories from camp from all my years at camp.

I have loved being back at NTR as a counselor this week. Riding horse has been great this week.

The kids are great and get all so well and do wonderfully with their horses. I love seeing Cori's smile after she got Ashely Moon to lope and hearing Trevor laugh and smile the whole time. Alice loves horses and you can really tell whenever she's around Babe. Helena came all the way from Spain and she rode Bravo like a champ! Asher did great with Utah. Ben did great. He is always positive and smiling. One day he will make a great horse trip leader.

We also had all of the backpackers with us for the last couple of days, which has made our quiet campsite quite the party spot. It has been fun and I've really enjoyed watching the kids learn this week!

Weekend at the Ranch!

On Friday after our trips, showers, and dinner. We got together to play some team building games like Everybodies It, Mario Brothers, and Blind Tag.

Our world cup soccer game continues after every meal.

On Saturday morning we did laundry and some work projects like cleaning up our cabins and bathrooms.

After lunch we went into Bicknell to go swimming at the pool. We love the high dive!

After the pool some of us went to the movie Toy Story 3 and some of us played board games back at the ranch.

Then we played more games after dinner. Then we had a campwide sleepout under the stars, when the rain came we moved to the dining hall where we slept IN.

On Sunday morning some of us made Tie Dye T-Shirts, they turned out AWESOME! We made up our skits for campfire and signed up for next week's trips.

For lunch we had our favorite Tare Bread with honeybutter. Yummy!

Sunday afternoon we went to the pond, some of us went on the zip line and played casino games like black jack and Uno.

Sunday night we wrapped things up with a campfire and our skits about the last week!

We're excited for our trips tomorrow!

The Rock Climbing Trip was awesome!

We camped at Maple Canyon all week. We started climbing easier climbs like 5.4's at the beginning of the week and progressed to 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, and 5.10s.

We went to a park and slack lined. Our counselor Cassey is a very good climber and slack liner.

We went for a short hike and watched some professional climbers climb practically upside down out of a cove.

The last night we played Ababulae, we went to a dark cave with glow sticks and played hike and seek.

Our food was so good! Stir Fry, Mexi Salad, Taco Soup, Scones, Pancakes, French Toast, Pita Pizza, and our favorite fudge goo!

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The Weekend!

After our trips we went to town for milkshakes and cleaned up. Friday night we did an ultimate challenge with giant dice. We had to complete team challenges like human knot, horse shoes, charades, and poison peanut butter swamp.

Saturday morning we did work projects around camp. We painted fences, pruned the orchard, or helped take hay to the horses. Saturday afternoon we played Water Ballon Volleyball and World Cup Soccer. After dinner we played steal the flag at the cove.

On Sunday we did hemp, knitted hats, and boondoogle in the morning. After lunch we went off the zip line on the pond. Then we watched the World Cup Soccer Match. After dinner we'll choose our trips and do our skits at Campfire!

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Backpacking Trip

The backpackers started on Tuesday on Thousand Lake Mountain. We hiked about 3 miles to camp by a beautiful lake. We had backpackers dinners, instant oatmeal for breakfast, then hiked about a mile to meet up with the horse group.

We cooked hot dogs on the fire, then hiked up to flat top to Dairy Queen for snow cones. Then we hiked another two miles to horse camp.

On Thursday we had exploration day. We hiked about a mile to the top of this peak where there is an Indian Rock Tower. Cassey our counselor found two arrowheads. After lunch we did another day hike, about 4 miles to see an overlook of Capital Reef.

Friday we woke up early and hiked 10 miles to Torrey for Milkshakes.

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Horseback Riders

The horse back riders rode up to

base camp the first day.
Then did day ride adventures each

This is there ride up to flat top to
Dairy Queen for snow cones!


Below is the link to the facebook album with all of the pictures from this horse trip. Tell all of your friends and family to Like our Navajo Trails page on facebook to see all photo albums.

Pleasant Springs! Capital Reef

The Backpacking group on our day hike to Capital Reef!

We started here on Monday to get used to hiking and the altitude. Just a super fun hike through Pleasant Springs!

It's a beautiful hike and a great start to the week!

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How Trips are Chosen Each Week

We leave the decision making of trips up to the campers as to what trips they want to go on. We don't do a pre-registration of trips because many kids change their minds while at camp for several reasons. For instance, they might make a new friend at camp and want to go on trip with that friend or they may decide to try something new that they hadn't considered before. We work with each camper to make sure that they are happy with their experience.

Each week the camper chooses which trip he/she would like to go on for the week. Some trips are limited to a certain number of campers. So to best accommodate the campers we ask the campers for the top 2 trips they would like to go on while at camp. This gives us a good idea of what trips we need to offer the following week. The number of trips we run in a week varies depending on campers interests, resources,staffing,etc. Campers who stay only two weeks to get first priority on trips first, because campers staying longer will have the opportunity to do what they want later on in the season.

We try our hardest to accommodate every camper in their wish list for trips. As long as the camper does not care what order they go on the trip we usually can accommodate their wishes for certain trips.

For example: If a camper has a wish list of say a horseback riding trip and a rock climbing trip and they are only at camp two weeks, we try our very hardest to make sure that camper goes on both trips. So we will offer a horseback riding, biking & kayaking trip one week and a rock climbing, backpacking, horseback riding & waterskiing trip another week.

Another example: Now lets say a campers wish list is kayaking and mountain biking, but they are staying four weeks. We may offer a horseback riding, mountain biking, waterskiing & backpacking trip the first week. A mountain biking, rock climbing & waterskiing trip the next week. A rock climbing, kayaking & horseback riding the third week, and a kayaking, backpacking, waterskiing & rock climbing trip the fourth week.

(Note: the above examples are just examples and not the necessarily the order of trips that are offered for this summer. We do not have a set trip schedule for the summer only a tentative one incase campers change their minds. That is why we do not post the trip schedule.)

Camp Has Started

This is the first week a of camp for 2010,it started of July 4th. We have campers from all over the world like Japan, France, and Spain. We also have campers from around the nation like Missouri, New York, Florida, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Utah.

So far this week we had a awesome campfire, played tons of cool games, got used to the elevation (around 7,000 ft.), and got ready for the trips.

We have two trips this week. One trip is going Horseback Riding and the other Backpacking. The horseback riding group went on an amazing day trip around the camp, up the mountain, and back again.

The backpacking group went to Capital Reef National Park and went on a day hike where they hiked up a stream, went down a nature made slide, and ended up at the base of some super high and really amazing red rock cliffs.

Now both trips have left for the week. The backpackers we dropped of at their starting location first thing this morning. All the campers and staff were super excited to get going. They will hike for a while today and camp at a lake tonight. Can't wait to see their photos when they get back.

The horseback riding group, packed up their saddle bags this morning loaded them onto their horses and took off for the adventure. They will ride all day today till they make it to base camp where they will kick back and enjoy the beauty all round them. They each got assigned their very own horse for the week and have the responsibility of taking care it. After their day ride yesterday, the campers could not wait to get back on their horse and ride up to base camp.

Later this week the two groups will meet and go to "Dairy Queen" on top of the mountain where they will make "Cool Treat & Hot Eats". Cool treats of snow cones from the snow fields and have a snowball fight, and hot eats of their supper yummy and delicious dutch oven cooking.

The Adventure has Begun!

Spark in the Dark- -Wintogreens, How does that work?

Live in the Mountains and cannot get to see the fireworks?

A pack of Wint-O-Green Lifesavers and a dark tent or room and you can have your own fireworks! A camp holiday classic. Chomp down on the lifesavers to see the sparks fly.

How does it work?

This effect is called triboluminescence, which is similar to the electrical charge build-up that produces lightning, only much less grand. Triboluminescence is the emission of light resulting from something being smashed or torn. When you rip a piece of tape off the roll, it will produce a slight glow for the same reason.

Triboluminescence occurs when molecules, in this case crystalline sugars, are crushed, forcing someelectrons out of their atomic fields. These free electrons bump into nitrogen molecules in the air. When they collide, the electrons impart energy to the nitrogen molecules, causing them to vibrate. In this excited state, and in order to get rid of the excess energy, these nitrogen molecules emit light -- mostly ultraviolet (nonvisible) light, but they do emit a small amount of visible light as well. This is why all hard, sugary candies will produce a faint glow when cracked.

But when you bite into a Wint-O-Green Life Saver, a much greater amount of visible light can be seen.

This brighter light is produced by the wintergreen flavoring. Methyl salicylate, or oil of wintergreen, isfluorescent, meaning it absorbs light of a shorter wavelength and then emits it as light of a longer wavelength. Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light. So when a Wint-O-Green Life Saver is crushed between your teeth, the methyl salicylate molecules absorb the ultraviolet, shorter wavelength light produced by the excited nitrogen, and re-emit it as light of the visible spectrum, specifically as blue light -- thus the blue sparks that jump out of your mouth when you crunch on a Wint-O-Green Life Saver.

Root Beer Recipe

Home Made Root Beer is always a hit for Harry Potter All Camps and 4th of July Parties!!!

(This makes 4 gallons/ 64 servings)
  • 6 cups white sugar
  • 3 1/3 gallons cold water
  • 2 oz root beer extract
  • 4 lbs dry ice (use more dry ice for more carbonation)
You'll need a large clean plastic container to make the root beer in.

(Tip: don't use a Orange Gott drinking cooler-- experience tells me the dry ice will bubble the cooler)

Large plastic tubs work well and are pretty cheap from Wal-Mart.

1. Mix sugar and water.
2. Add the root beer extract. You can add more or less to taste.
3. Carefully add dry ice. Don't seal the container.

Watch the mixture bubble and mist! (This is where the hit comes into play)

It can take an hour for the mixture to be ready.

Make sure all of the dry ice is dissolved before serving.

(You can store left over root beer in a jug to give the nice food service delivery driver who will give you dry ice for free for your 4th of July or Harry Potter All Camp)

Pull Recipe out again for Halloween Parties!