A camp for boys and girls between the ages of 7 to 16. Kids enjoy all kinds of super fun activities like kayaking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, backpacking, horseback riding, biking, arts and crafts and so much more.

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Phone: 1-800-200-CAMP
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Camp Has Started

This is the first week a of camp for 2010,it started of July 4th. We have campers from all over the world like Japan, France, and Spain. We also have campers from around the nation like Missouri, New York, Florida, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Utah.

So far this week we had a awesome campfire, played tons of cool games, got used to the elevation (around 7,000 ft.), and got ready for the trips.

We have two trips this week. One trip is going Horseback Riding and the other Backpacking. The horseback riding group went on an amazing day trip around the camp, up the mountain, and back again.

The backpacking group went to Capital Reef National Park and went on a day hike where they hiked up a stream, went down a nature made slide, and ended up at the base of some super high and really amazing red rock cliffs.

Now both trips have left for the week. The backpackers we dropped of at their starting location first thing this morning. All the campers and staff were super excited to get going. They will hike for a while today and camp at a lake tonight. Can't wait to see their photos when they get back.

The horseback riding group, packed up their saddle bags this morning loaded them onto their horses and took off for the adventure. They will ride all day today till they make it to base camp where they will kick back and enjoy the beauty all round them. They each got assigned their very own horse for the week and have the responsibility of taking care it. After their day ride yesterday, the campers could not wait to get back on their horse and ride up to base camp.

Later this week the two groups will meet and go to "Dairy Queen" on top of the mountain where they will make "Cool Treat & Hot Eats". Cool treats of snow cones from the snow fields and have a snowball fight, and hot eats of their supper yummy and delicious dutch oven cooking.

The Adventure has Begun!

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